Flea Market Finds

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I spent last Saturday shopping at one of my favorite vintage spots, the garage flea market on 25th st in New York (open Saturdays & Sundays). I've found a lot of great pieces at the garage, most of them coming from the same vendor-a fantastic woman named Yardena a.k.a "Lulu" (the pillbox hat below was my purchase of the day from her).


 I was in a very 1960's kind of mood that day (not that i'm ever not in a "1960's kind of mood")-so naturally I gravitated towards anything and everything I saw from that decade. The pillbox hat...the blue signage on the storefront across the street...I even managed to find a similar (albeit much more abstract) painting to the print on my vintage dress, in an old Sotheby's auction book I was flipping through.

You can find Lulu most weekends at the garage (this upcoming weekend she'll be at the Manhattan vintage show), Lulu has such fantastic style herself and always has beautiful new pieces to share with you -so go check it all out : )

All photos by altamiranyc