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An objects value can truly increase by the multiple lives it gets to be a part of (think library books-the king among objects of projected sentimental value)…Yeah those books might be a little worn, but think of how many people they've touched! (ok don’t think about that literally)...

 When I connect with a piece, I think about who owned it before me and what it meant to them. Was it their go to outfit of 1973?? Did they wear it the first time they fell in love..?

 Of course the item doesn’t actually hold these sentiments in its fibers, but thinking about the past does help me to feel connected to something bigger. The idea that I carry the history of an item onwards is really beautiful. The idea that its story didn’t just end with its last owner and that I’m continuing it into the future makes my outfit choice seem much more purposeful than it actually is. Because after all, it’s just an outfit. : )

 So how do you wear these gems of yesteryear without feeling like your grandmas gonna try and hit you up for outfit details? Nine times out of ten, the answer is proportions. It’s all about scale and how you're going to balance the different pieces your mixing together.  If you're going to rock a big chunky sweater, pair it with a slim sexy skirt! Offset the volume.

 I paired this big vintage sweater with an even bigger jacket (fun fact: this turtleshell-as I lovingly refer to it-is actually a military issued jacket liner, and there are just about a million of them out there. Soldiers would wear the liner inside of their M-1965  field jackets in order to keep warm. That’s why the underarms are cut out and there are straps at the cuffs to secure the liner into the heavier coat one would wear ontop).  #knowledge

I can't tell you how much I love that thing or how often i wear it.

 Anyway, since my outfit was very top heavy (thanks turtleshell!)- the bottom half of my look needed to be slim and lean in order to offset the heavy top proportion. And of course, nothing brings an old look up to speed better than a pair of simple heels.