photo_1Ever find it difficult to find inspiration? Of course you do, you're only human after all. You would think that with the infinite amount of photos the internet provides us (at our current rate roughly 880 billion photos will be uploaded in 2014 alone), that we would never run short on ideas. Turns out, even with this influx of info and visual stimulants, what still grabs me the most is the simple and the tactile (aka the shiny and colorful).

     To set the scene for you: I was in rite aid buying nail polish late one night (because sometimes that just happens), when the bag I'd seen a million times prior to this particular visit, caught my attention. It could have been the hunger that made this Utz bag stand out-but something tells me it had more to do with the friendly yellow squiggles that tactfully alluded to the promise of perfectly waved treats within. I bought the chips (passing up a 99¢ special is no easy feat-especially at 1am), and drew some chicks while i ate the chips.photo_2photouts, you make the prettiest bag