Before never ending pinterest boards and tumblr feeds, we used actual walls to display our inspiration. Do you miss it? 

Your inspiration should take up more than a digital screen.  Nothing has helped me more-in discerning exactly what my aesthetic is-than surrounding myself with the images and objects i love.

 I've been covering my walls since i was a kid. Some images I remove after a moment, some I've never taken down. I've realized some of the same editorials that i tore from vogue when I was in high school, are still up on my walls today (eight years later). Each placement is so instinctual when you're building this life size collage. The moment you place each piece, it becomes part of a bigger whole, and its amazing to see the conversation that develops.  

So be the curator of your own one room exhibition. There is nothing greater than to get a glimpse at the crazy mix which lies inside each of us. : )